Monday, September 16, 2013

Introduction Yeriko Noco

Hi . My name is Yeriko Irnando ChristyOr often also called Yeriko Noco .
I was born in Semarang Indonesia January 25, 1988 .Since childhood I 've had an interest in music .My father introduced me to the music at the age of 5 years . He introduced me to different types of music . but the music became her favorite and mine is rock music .and I began to learn guitar when I was 10 years old .since that time I was more interested in music . I became increasingly hungry for the music so I always learned it day and night .I was 12 years old when I became very confident to make music my future . I wanted to be a musician .I started writing songs , making the band and performing on stage . at that time people thought I was a wonderful boy . because at my age is very young are capable of performing on stage and performed songs from gun n roses and Metallica .
after I graduated from school , I was studying music in State Universities of Semarang . knowledge that I can more and more . during my course created and recorded some songs with my band mates . we hope our songs can be received by a major label so that our music can be published . but to enter the major label in Indonesia is very difficult . due to entry in the Indonesian music industry requires a lot of money . approximately $ 300,000 to five hundred thousand dollars to be paid by the musicians that their music can be published on television and distributed throughout Indonesia .
it was very hard for me . because I am not from a rich family . and we do not have that much money . so my band started to think realistically . they choose to give up and live life like a normal person in general . we eventually broke up . and after college we each live . This time I was working as a teacher in a school . but my goal has not been lost to date .
therefore , I created this blog . to publish my work to the world . not money that became my motivation . I just want my music to be heard.


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